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I am always slightly amused by the number of companies that have added the word ‘Solutions’ to the end of the name or strapline. Logistics and courier companies are now ‘Supply Chain Solutions’, my favourite being ‘Supply Chain Solutions with Value Added Services’. A company providing infight food to airlines market themselves as, ‘Food and beverage product solutions’. The best ever, done tongue in cheek, was from a tee shirt supplier whose strapline was ‘Bespoke Upper-Torso Coverage Solutions’.

Certainly there are organisations out there delivering business solutions, as opposed to products, equally well there are some companies who have simply made a cosmetic change to their name.

Solution selling is about selling and justifying the measurable business value and impact of products & services, designed to solve a business problem, to business people by expressing the deliverables in business [financial] terms. To do this you truly need to understand your customer’s business.

Simply re-branding the product set as ‘solutions’, in an attempt to change customer perception, without a real change in sales behaviour will not fool the customers and will not achieve the intended impact on the business performance.