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For Small Businesses

At Prepit we work with clients of all sizes and recognise they have differing needs.

The majority of small businesses are looking to grow; they want to get more top line revenue, by selling more, and make more profit, by negotiating and selling at the right price. They want to attract more clients, but don’t want to spend a fortune winning them. Small businesses don’t usually have large dedicated sales teams, they may not have the market recognition (yet) and they certainly don’t have large budgets to spend on developing their market.

What our customers say:

100 cottonWe are experiencing rapid growth at 100%Cotton.  Prepit have played an important role - helping us to build management systems for long term growth.  Prepit have worked with our client-facing teams to devise and implement planning systems through experienced analysis of our business needs, team workshops and one-to-one coaching. We are now better prepared for the next phase of growth” – Jonathan Salisbury, MD

Our Approach

The approach we take has to be very flexible to fit the needs, budget and diary of these clients. We may also be able to help you with funding via various programs.  For example:

We focus on 4 things

  • Making sure what you sell is described in a way that promotes its real customer value and honestly differentiates if from the competition
  • That you have the necessary sales skills and competencies to pursue and close the sales profitably
  • There are sales processes in place to allow you to function efficiently
  • Helping you retain and develop your client base.

To translate your idea into a product or service that delivers sustainable revenue you need to focus on:

Your proposition ... It’s what you sell and the customer buys.

Do you sell it in a way that really promotes the customer value?
Can you differentiate yourself  from your competitors in a meaningful way?

Your people .. .. Who are responsible for selling

Do they have all the sales skills they need to sell your product?
Are they targeted correctly to motivate and reward?
Do they have all the sales tools they need to support them?

Your sales process ... How you sell.

Do you have a defined sales process that you actually use?
Do you have the right metrics to understand your progress?

For more information on how we might be able to help you, and for an informal chat over a  coffee contact Kevin at or call 0796 6634237.