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To get customers to act your sales people need to be performing at their best and your proposition needs to be compelling. To support the sales people your sales processes need to be accurate and efficient.  Prepit delivers:

Building a Value Proposition

A practical and rapid way to define your product or service proposition in a compelling, differentiated and meaningful way to the end client.

Business Planning

Maximising business opportunities and making the effective use of your finite resources requires careful planning. These services look at all aspects of planning and preparation.

Sales Review

Provides you with an objective, independent and clear view of your sales function in order to take appropriate and effective action to impact sales performance.

Integrated Partner Planning

For organisations selling with and through Partners, Integrated Partner Planning facilitates the delivery of a joint go to market plan based on agreed (joint) propositions and markets.

People Development

People aren’t born as successful sales people and they need continual development, training, coaching and mentoring, to achieve their best results.

Strategic Marketing

In today's multichannel market it is vitally important to establish a clear marketing strategy before applying the marketing tactics.

Interim Management

Provides you with access to the resources your organisation needs to manage the sales without incurring the costs of recruiting a full time management.