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Sales Review

The ‘Sales Review’ is free of charge and takes 10-15 minutes to complete.  It provides you with an objective, independent and clear view of your sales function in order to take appropriate and effective action to impact sales performance.

Prepit focuses on understanding your potential for improved  sales performance by identifying the areas where action is required.  By clearly understanding the areas where you need to act you can deliver quicker results and reduce wasted effort.  The ‘Sales Review’ is delivered in three formats to meet your needs:

Contact us to request a sales review.

Sales Review Light

This entry level  version looks at six areas of the sales function. The client is sent a questionnaire to complete and receives a report and call to discuss the outcome.  The diagram below shows sample outputs.  Contact us to request a sales review.

test pic

Sales Review Standard

This a far more comprehensive approach looking at twenty areas of the sales function. This consists of an on-site meeting with a small group of nominated individuals (Directors & Managers), to interview and data collect. A detailed report is produced and a further meeting takes place to review the findings and recommendations.  Contact us to request a sales review.

Sales Review 360 Degree

Similar to the standard (above) in areas of analysis and scope, but this time with a wider audience including sales people and customers (by agreement). This provides a more in-depth analysis with input from a greater number of involved and effected parties.

All three approaches allow you to make an informed approach to your sales improvement plans. 

Contact us to request a sales review.