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Says Who?

I noticed that on a building site billboard for a new local hotel that they claimed the new gym was going to be “World Class” and it got me thinking, says who? Is there a benchmark for judging these things? We can judge our fitness in a myriad of ways through fitness...

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The Brain Cannot Multitask

We are not as good at multitasking as we would like to think we are. We tell ourselves we can do two things at once and do them both equally well. Actually when we read the text on a slide and try listening to the speaker we cannot retain all the information anywhere...

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Gareth Southgate’s Leadership Style?

On the eve of one of the biggest football matches for England for a very long time I have been very impressed with Gareth Southgate’s management approach during the World Cup. The pressure must be immense, especially as the expectations grow and the media circle!...

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We Love to Queue

In the UK we love to queue for things. The understanding being that this ensures the order in which people will be served. Recent experience from myself, and others, is that this assumption is under threat through poor service. Twice recently I have reached the front...

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6 things about opportunity management

Doing a lot more work recently on opportunity management and qualification I feel the need to add a few more observations to the list published a few months ago. The full list: Rose Tinted Glasses – Sales people, by their very nature, tend to be optimistic in order to...

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Three Connections

I have been reflecting on the common themes I have been seeing over the last few months. I think they boil down into three “connections”. Ensuring that the business is connected to its core markets with a clearly articulated, relevant, compelling and differentiated...

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Are you prepared?

Working recently with several sales teams and discussing the importance of preparation (hence the name of my company Prepit!). Good prep ensures that you are seen as professional, behave as a trusted advisor and achieve better outcomes. How often do we fail to find...

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Everyday Leadership

  It’s is interesting how leadership skills pervade everyday life. Our local pub in Devon had a great owner with real leadership skills and build a strong business during his tenure. You could see how well he interacted with his staff and how competently he handled...

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Does service matter?

Travelling over the past few weeks has re-emphasised for me the importance of service. Simple things like the check in and check out process in a hotel make a huge difference to the perception of the brand. In one hotel in Dubai I was made to feel very welcome and...

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More about questions

In my last post I talked about salespeople knowing the definition of open & closed questions, but continuing to use too many closed questions when they meant to use open. Lack of questioning and the impact on rapport and engagement is not restricted to just...

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